10 January 2011

Internship at Kymare

I wanted to know what having a small business means in real life, especially in the fashion industry.
I’m impressed by the great creativity, talent and hard work to stand out in this immense industry.
I just started my internship a few weeks when Kim asked me ‘Do you have time to go to Milan
and Paris with me?’ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH was the answer in my head and I told
 her ‘I’ll make time for that!’. We had a blast and I enjoyed every second of it! See the post
Milan & Paris. Multitasking was the magic word during my internship at Kymare. I’ve wrote
and translated press releases and texts on the eshop, was partially responsible for the eshop, send eshop 
orders, did researches and many many more…

In a week my Internship is finished and another adventure will start. In January I’ll leave together
with 28 others to Kenya and Tanzania to climb the highest mountain of Africa for the Catharina Foundation. 
Not just to come, see a part of Africa and leave again, we collect money for this
foundation. The money collected will support existing projects and maybe even a new school can be build.

ACTION* buy Kymare's refined, king size beach towel here for just € 20,00 and the revenue will entirely 
go to the Catharina Foundation. Isn't that great!

Love Jildou

* While stocks last

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  1. Thanks jildou! It was nice to have you here, good luck climbing
    the Kilimanjaro!